K RoadWe walked up K Road across the Grafton Bridge and on to the Dominion (for those that are wondering, that is 1.3 miles, Leigh actually looked it up).·The Dominion is the home of Wintergarden and the Auckland Museum (and war memorial). ·Wintergarden is a biological garden and is famous as a wedding location. ·The museum is a really good start for students as it provides excellent overviews of the history of New Zealand, the environment, and the culture (mostly third, second, and first floors in order). ·When I first started planning the trip, I thought that the Auckland Museum would be a great place to start. ·Tired from a long flight, the pace of the museum would provide students with a relaxed atmosphere to explore much about the country. ·The original plan was to spend the afternoon at the museum providing enough time for exploring and journal writing. ·Well, we certainly did not spend that amount of time this time.·

Today was the Queen's Birthday as celebrated in New Zealand. ·The Queen's actual birthday is April 21st. ·I wonder why we celebrate the Queen's Birthday on June 3rd when it is April 21st. ·I sure there is some reason for it but it escapes me. ·Anyway, most of the stores and restaurants are closed. ·We could do window shopping but not much else (at least along the roads that I walked). ·

When I got back, I did what we told all the students to avoid, I fell asleep. ·I did not plan too, I just wanted to get off my feet for a few moments and the next thing I knew, it was 6 pm. ·

Tonight was a open night for food. ·Everyone was on their own to find a place to each. ·We did this because we wanted to get people out and about. ·Auckland is one of the most diverse cities in the world. ·It is the largest Polynesian city in the world. ·It has 1.377 million inhabitants out of New Zealand’s total population of 4.4 million. (for those who like match, that is 31% of the population. ·Just in the block from the hostel there are 3 Korean, 1 French, 1 Japanese, 1 steak, and several mixed restaurants. ·

Melanie, Leigh, and I went to the steak place. ·It was very good and inexpensive for what we got. ·

Food is one of those items that I think will be interesting to observe on this trip. ·But more on that later.·

It is 3 am NZ time.  I think I will try to get a few more hours sleep.  Until later.