Education is critical to the maintenance of a free, democratic, humane, and prosperous society.  Education in a free society expands individual rights as well as individual responsibilities.  I am committed to assisting, supporting, and facilitating the learning process in and outside the classroom through the development of communication and critical thinking skills.  I am also committed to making the learning process a journey of discovery and enthusiasm where both successes and failures are encouraged and supported. 


  • Every student should find the classroom to be an extension of the world outside with a balance between theory and practical application.
  • Every student should find the classroom to be open, enjoyable, inspirational, and stimulating.
  • Every student should feel joy and enthusiasm for learning within the classroom and, as a result, incorporate lessons of those experiences into their behavior in the world beyond the classroom.

Critical Measures

  • Questions about the domain of inquiry
  • Performance on class assignments
  • Evidence of scholarship beyond assignments
  • Ability to integrate other materials with the current course
  • The depth of class discussion
  • The degree to which students push my thinking
  • Number of students who express an interest in graduate studies
  • The degree to which students inspire each other
  • Student involvement in extracurricular and volunteer activities.  

Fall 2018

  • COMM 1500 Introduction to Communication Studies
  • COMM 4561 Organizational Communication Capstone 

Spring 2019

  • COMM 1500 Introduction to Communication Studies
  • COMM 4561 Organizational Communication Capstone 

I would describe my overall teaching areas as those primarily concerned with relations in the workplace, communication education, communication technology. This translates into course areas which include: organizational communication, small group communication, communication and conflict, training and development, corporate communication, total quality management, human resources, qualitative and quantitative research methods, computer-mediated communication, and communication theory.

Courses I have taught.



Organizational Communication 
Applied Communication
Computer-Mediated Communication 
Small Group Communication 
Business Communication 
Communication and Conflict 
High-Tech Communication 
Communication Theory 
Persuasive Communication 
Public Speaking 
Fundamentals of Communication 
Principles of Communication 
Interpersonal Communication 
Intercultural Communication 
Research Methods 
Negotiation and Bargaining 
Mediation and Arbitration 
Corporate Communication 
Training and Development
Introduction to Communication Arts

Organizational Communication 
Computer-mediated Communication
Introduction to Graduate Study/Research Methods
Small Group Communication 
Communication and Conflict 
Interpersonal Communication 
Communication Theory 
Quantitative Research Methods 
Training and Development 
Marketing Communication



Independent and Directed Studies:


Communication Theory 
Humor and Communication 
Rhetorical Theory and Criticism 
Communication Apprehension 
Metacommunication and Conflict 
Communication and Motivation 
Communication and Uncertainty 
Health Communication
Media Capstone
Nonverbal Communication 
Performance Appraisal Systems 
Teams and Leadership
Web Design
Talk Show Production