New Zealand countrysideGlow WormsTwo meanings of today's title. The day was dreary as it rained for most of the trip to Waitomo and Rotorua and we visited Waitomo Cave.  

The image above provides insights into the type of day it was. For Waitomo Cave, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the cave so I will upload the "institutional" photo we received(paid for) later.

The observation for today is that when I first visited in 2006, there were less than 100 miles of expressway.  Today as we were driving to Waitomo, there was a great deal of construction extending the roadway.  The new construction must have stretched more than half of the way to Hamilton.  The plan seems to be to connect Auckland with Hamilton by 2020. 

Mitai logoThe other item for today was our visit to Mitai.  Mitai is a traditional Maori dinner and cultural performance.  Over the years, the event has not changed. They do minor tweaks to make it go more smoothly and more enjoyable for the participants.  It is still a good time to be had by all.