Rangitoto IslandToday while the students were literally jumping off a bridge, I want to Rangitoto (rangitoto.co.nz),  You can read about the Island at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangitoto_Island.  The Island currently has a population of one.  A park ranger.  Day visitors are allowed.  You don’t want to miss the 4 pm ferry.  There are toilets but little else.  It is truly a nature preserve. 

The Island itself is beautiful.  It was a difficult day for photography for me.  The clouds and the black rock made getting the contrasts right was difficult.  I do plan to return and take the tour to the top of the volcano and visit the lava tubes.  Always leave something for next time.

Oh, the bucket list item, walking across a lava field.  Did that but there were no T-shirts for sale. 


Here are some images from the day.


Bird on the pier
Our greeter on Rangitoto Island One of the walkways - notice the stone
lava deposits and Auckland in the distance another walkway
A view of Rangitoto Sound Another view into the Sound