Location:  Sydney

This is the fifth time that I have been on this basic trip.  In previous experiences, it would rain a day or two during the entire 33 days.  This is the first time that it has rained the majority of the 33 days (so far).  On the bright side, it was not as cold this trip and we missed the major snow falls that hit the islands while we were there.

When we do the orientation for the program we do explain that the field experience occurs during the winter and that it is possible to get bad weather.  In the event of bad weather, we would not cancel activities.  We would soldier on.  Program participants needed to take this into account when planning (bring warm clothes for New Zealand and rain gear).

The rain has had two compensating factors.  We saw many rainbows (five just today waiting for our flight from Auckland to Sydney) and waterfalls.  I know that that last sentence sounds like the lyrics to some sickly syrupy song, but it is true.

Hopefully by the time we get to Cairns and Port Douglas the weather will clear.