Location:  Cairns

I did it!. I walked up the “mountain” that makes up most of Fitzroy Island.  It is only 883 feet high.  The track up the hill is steep at times.  The actual trail is about 1.8 Kilometers.  Not much for most people but in my trying to get back to responsible shape it was an accomplishment.

Fitzroy Island is what is known as a continental Island.  A continental island is an island that is formed when a body of water rises separating the island from a larger land mass.  What makes this island so interesting is that a reef has grown up around the Island making it very accessible for viewing, snorkeling, and swimming.  You just have to be careful of the coral as the beaches are full of broken coral warn down by the sea.  So, bring your beach shoes.

The Island is about a 45-minute ferry ride from Cairns Australia (about 30 Kilometers).  It is basically south east of Cairns.  It is off Djujbirri (formally Cape Grafton).

Coral on the beach on Fitzroy Island

We bought a package deal, ferry, lunch, snorkeling equipment, glass-bottom boat ride for about $110.00.  It was a full day of sun, beach, swimming, and walking.  The lunch included a chicken wrap, a ham and cheese sub sandwich, apple, snack bar, apple juice, and water.

There is a resort on the Island which meant that there was a bar and restaurant.  So, if you only wanted to take the ferry to the Island you could do that and then purchase your meals there.

I think that in some future adventures I would like to take the family to the resort for a long weekend.  It certainly seemed calm and quiet.