Location:  Charleston Illinois

I am back home for two days now.  I am still recovering from either a small case of jet lag or just having my circadian rhythm reversed.  I just could not sleep for the life of me last night.  So, I read all night.

I thought I would finish this year’s blog with an entry about returning home.  It is a very long trip.

  • Cairns Australia to Auckland New Zealand – 4.5 hours
  • Layover Auckland – 1 hour
  • Auckland to San Francisco –12.5 hours
  • Layover San Francisco – 2.25 hours
  • San Francisco to Chicago -  4.5 hours
  • Drive to Charleston – 4 hours
  • Total Travel Time: 26 .75 hours

We left Auckland at 7:15 pm on July 3rd and arrived in San Francisco at 12:15 pm July 3rd.  For those that are math impaired, that was seven hours before we left.

Cabin crew on Air New Zealand flight from Auckland, were helpful, wanted to make sure you relaxed, had enough water, wine, etc to drink.  Made sure you were comfortable as possible.  I was up during the night and spent about an hour talking with three of the cabin crew and a service manager that was on the flight.  There were knowledgeable about the company and their aircraft.  They were just willing to have a conversation with you. I might add you received a full dinner and breakfast.  We boarded in an orderly manner.

Cabin crew on United Flight from San Francisco – You got 1/3 can of beverage, had to purchase food if you wanted it.  I was in the back of the plane, stretching my legs and the two cabin attendants simply ignored me while eating their lunch.  They did keep looking at me like I was invading their space.  They boarded everyone and their brother that paid for or had special privileges while announcing that the plane was full and that if you wanted to you could check your carry-on. They went on to say that those boarding the plane last were unlikely to get any space in the overhead bins.  Of course we were boarding in the last group.  You would be amazed at what people are using as carry-on luggage these days to save the $25 baggage (or greater) baggage fee.