Charleston -- It is the day after St. Patrick's Day.  To say that the two cultures celebrate it differently, would be an understatement (see this article on more).  I have been working on preparing the academic side of the program.  Jim has been working on the travel side of the equation for almost two years.  Now that everything is a go, he is now making final arrangements (and pulling his hair out).  

On the other side of the equation is me.  Named to the program as the second faculty member about two weeks ago, I am primarily responsible for the acadmeic part of the program.  In other words, design and prepare to teach four classes.  So, Spring Break was dedicated to getting things up and running.  

Unfortunate for you (and I suspect some students will think the same), most of the materials are password protected (you know to protect intellectual property rights).  In essence, I am trying to put together courses on conflict (what a surprise for Ireland), intercultural communication, myth and folklore, and the really wide open one, independent studies.  So, I am involved in a crash course on the Ireland(s).  

Now I just need to follow-up to see what else I need to include.  More sharing later. 

March 18, 2014

2014 Study Abroad Blog - Ireland

Welcome to the 2014 Study Abroad to Ireland Blog.  About two months before the program, I was named as the second faculty member for the Ireland trip.  The participants were eleven students, two guests, and two faculty members.  

The program visited DublinBelfastCorrymeelaDerrySligoGalwayAran IslandsKinvaraLimerickDingle, and Cork during the grand circle of the Irelands.  

While traveling, I keep a blog of my experiences, thoughts, and reactions to the program.  Below are those items.