Dingle – June 1, 2014 – This evening Drew and I went to a movie.  The movie itself was not important, but I wanted to see what a movie experience in a small town in Ireland was like.  I have done this in Australia too. 

The theatre was relatively new and by US standards, austere.  The concrete floor, basically bare walls, only four speakers, and about 150 seats bolted to a concrete floor. 

When the curtains opened and programming started, it was all commercials.  There were no trailers.  Where were the trailers?  How am I to know what is coming up?  The commercials were much like you would see on TV, beauty products, McDonalds, “Make peace, not War – Lynx body wash”, etc. 

The movie itself was pretty mediocre (Godzilla).  What was interesting was that at the end people clapped like it was a live performance. 

By the way, there was only one showing a night (Monday through Saturday) at 8 pm.