Dingle -  June 1, 2014 – Was sitting at lunch today (very good seafood by the way) and was actually shocked to see someone walk into the pub with apple earphones.  I think it is about the first time that I have seen this in Ireland.  My first thought, Americans  (but not Canadians). 

As I thought about this event, I realized that most of the people here are unplugged.  I saw few people in the pubs on their phones.  If the phone rings, people step outside to talk.  People in pubs have conversations.  If you are alone, you are soon involved in a conversation with the people around you.  So, the idea of going out for a drink an spending the time texting, Facebooking, or twittering, seems non-existent.  Electronics are secondary to human interaction

Even when we visited the University in Derry I do not remember may (if any) people with headphones on. 

This is not to say that the selfie is dead.  At just about every location I have been, from the Cliffs of More to Slea Head, people are taking selfies.  I am not sure, but I suspect that most of them are from the United States. 

Update:  Since I wrote this entry, I have only observed two additional people plugged in.