Dingle – June 1, 2014 - While we were on the Shea Head Road, we had reached the time where our coach driver needed to take a 45-minute break.  As required by law, a driver must have a 45-minute break outside the coach after 4.5 hours.  S/he can take it in one 45 minute block or in 15 and 30 minute blocks.. 

Anyway, I digress.  We were in the small town of Ballyferrtier at the end of the Dingle Peninsula, just up the road from Enya’s old house, and we took a break.  Jim and I went into one of the local pubs and had a Guinness.  AS we were talking with the bar keep, it turns out that she grew up in Massachusetts.  Having lived in Massachusetts, I observed that l lived there for over six years.  She asked where.  I said Northampton.  She replied that she grew up in Northampton.  I went on to say that in that case, I lived in Florence.  She said that that is where she grew up.  I pointed out that I lived above the video store across the street from the Friendlies.  She knew exactly where that was. 

As the other bar keep said, six degrees of separation.  Of course, I did not launch into all the flaws with that study.