Limerick - May 30, 2014 – We made our way from Ballyvaughan to Limerick today.  On our way we visited the Cliffs of Moher, ate lunch at the Cliffs of Moher Hotel (not really near the cliffs), and talked with a local electrical contractor.  Two things strike me about the talk we had.  One, most of the 22 to 30 year-olds from Ireland have immigrated to other countries.  Our speaker, for example, has four children.  Two have migrated to North American and one to the UK.  Second, there construction system seems to make more sense.  Instead of inspecting every job site as it completes a phase of the construction (e.g., foundation, rough plumbing, rough electrical, rough HVAC, etc.) it is the contractor that certifies the work and he or she is responsible if something goes wrong (that is why they carry insurance).  The contractor’s work is inspected four times a year.  The inspector picks one of the jobs completed in the last month and goes with the contractor to the site and inspects the work.  If it does not pass (along with three other instances) the contractor can no longer certify his/her work, the government inspector must inspect work.  This is another example of personal responsibility at work. 

I would have really liked to be at the Cliffs of Moher in the afternoon – the later the better.  It would have provided light to the cliffs to really light them up (assuming it did not get cloudy again as it does most afternoons.  The cliffs themselves are rather impressive, ranging from 700 to 400 meters in height.  It is interesting to note that this is the first location where I have seen safety measures in place.  They have build earthen dams to prevent people from getting too close to the edge.  You can still climb over the dam to get closer to the edge if you are brainless.  I did not see anyone do that.