Dingle – June 1, 2014 - We have returned to the rain (see previous posting) today.  Rain in Ireland is so far been nothing like the rain that I typically experience in the States.  It is more of a mist.  It is so misty that I cannot even see the bay that is four blocks away.  As I look out of the window of my room (on the fourth floor with only two rooms– no elevator – with a large sitting area) it looks like it is snowing, with waves of mist visible to the eye.  Unfortunately it is the type of precipitation that not only you wet to the bone, but it is cold, coming in off the North Atlantic. 

How people react to the mist can tell you a lot about their nationality.  Most of the locals are not even wearing rain gear.  They go about their business ignoring the rain.  Americans, for the most part, are wearing “designer” or labeled rain gear.  There are few that wear hats and only one or two umbrellas.