Intercultural and Co-cultural Experiences: Ireland

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The emphasis on cultural diversity and international education is considered a valuable addition to a well-rounded education in the United States. Many employers place positive values on international experiences.  This course provides EIU students  with an international experience that will provide the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The program provides a “hands-on” experience in a culture other than our own. 

To be successful in this course you need to do some preparation.  The more effort you put into getting ready for the field trip, the greater the learning and the more positive the experience.  The courses you can select from have been designed to meet the general requirements for courses at the University and take advantage of the unique experience of Ireland.  So, lets, begin.  

In order to ensure that we have a basic area of common understanding, we recommend that you review the following modules and complete the listed readings.  

Required Modules

  • Irish Culture, Geography and Traditions (basic understanding of Ireland and what you will be experiencing)
  • Irish History (need to understand the Irish history in order to understand Irish culture and may of things you will be viewing. 
  • Ethnography (This is the primary method used in research projects for all classes)

Recommended Reading

Williams, T. R. (2005).  The impact of study abroad on students’ intercultural communication sensitivity.  Journal of Studies in International Education, 9, 356.

Phillipsen, G. (1992). Place and Personae in Teamserville speaking. Speaking Culturally: Explorations in Social Communication.  SUNY Press, Albany, NY. 

Phillipsen, G. (1992).  “Communication” as a Nacirema way of speaking. Speaking Culturally: Explorations in Social Communication.  SUNY Press, Albany, NY. 

Gertz, C. (1973).  Thick description:  Toward an interpretive theory of culture.  The Interpretation of Cultures: Selected Essays.  Basic Books.

You will select from two of four courses (with a possible fifth option)

Course Information 

Travel Information