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New Zealand and Australia - May 16th to June 19th

New Zealand - May 16th to June 5th

August - June 5th to June 19th



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Welcome to the website for the New Zealand and Australia Study Abroad programs sponsored by the Department of Communication Arts at Valdosta State University. The travel portion of the courses takes place between May 16th to June 5th for New Zealand and June 5th to June 19th for Australia and May 30th to June 20th for New Zealand.  The program for both countries goes from May 16th to June 19th. For more information, please use the navigation links below.  

The countries of New Zealand and Australia offer a unique opportunity to study differences in how a native and a modern culture co-exist.  In the case of New Zealand the cultures appear to co-exist as as relative equals and have merged to form a co-culture.  Australia, on the other hand, spent years attempting to marginalize the aboriginal culture, and it has only been in the past few decades begun to recognize the relative importance of the native culture to Australia.

The program also provides students with the opportunity to study how their academic specialization is lived in another culture.  The social, cultural, and legal rules that govern relationships, organizations, values, and one's place are sufficiently different as to provide the ability to develop insights into intercultural, interpersonal, organizational, mass communication and public relations contexts.

This understanding is shaped through one three credit hour course per country. Undergraduate or graduate courses are available. The options for classes are: 

Undergraduate (courses open to all majors):

  • COMM 3911 - International Studies I
  • COMM 4911 - International Studies II


  • COMM 6200 - Advanced Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 7000  - Environmental Communication
  • COMM 7400 - Directed Study 

The program is organized into three parts.  

  1. The class portion of the courses occur prior to departure.  Students normally meet three times for class one time for an orientation.  
  2. During the actual travel, students are collecting data for their papers and final projects. Meeting in groups and in one-on-one sessions with the instructor.
  3. Once a student returns, he or she completes the writing assignment for the course. 

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