Project Description

In 2008, Claudia Lampman conducted a survey of faculty on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus.    From almost 400 full and part-time faculty members about 30 percent said they had a student had yell or scream at them, and almost one in four had received hostile or threatening e-mails, letters, or phone messages from students.  A follow-up article in the Chronicle of Higher education discussed the implications for incivility and disruptive students.    

The purpose of this study is to explore the nature of student bullying of the faculty.  Utilizing critical incident technique, the investigators hope to develop a better understanding of the characters of bullying of the faculty.  We intend to explore the frequency of bullying, the characteristics of bullying, faculty reactions to bullying, and the effectiveness of bullying.  



  • Role:  Principal Investigator
  • Co-Investigator:  None
  • Level:  Middle
  • Status:  Fall 2018:  IRB Approved; data collected; draft manuscripts in in process