This work is grounded on two basic principles, that the textbook industry is rapidly changing and the traditional approach to a textbook is rapidly going to disappear. The second principle is that students who are beginning to enter college are different than students of the past.  We are in the transition period between the information retention model of education and the information access model.  Textbooks and traditional class delivery models assume a retention model. The approach taken in this text is one of access and understanding/critical thinking.  

An open-source online text would have many advantages over current textbook models.  These advantages include speed of update, cost savings, interactivity to a different degree than current online texts, a community development model, and flexibility of use.  As an online, hypertext document, the path taken through the course can be different for each instructor.  

More to come as the project develops


  • Role:  Lead Author
  • Co-author(s):  None
  • Level: Early
  • Status: Site outline complete; central thesis identified; structural model identified.  First drafts of 25 learning modules complete.  Testing in progress.