This project emerged out of my frustration with evaluation rubrics and the lack of flexibility in the combined with my increasing regularity of writing the same comments paper after paper or speech after speech.  Over the years I have tried a number of methods to streamline this process including"

  • using word to cut and paste comments - takes too long
  • Using generic evaluation sheets and comments - students don't like the generic nature of the evaluation
  • Rely only on rubrics - they provide an explanation of grade but not a very good job of why it is a problem or how to improve

So, utilizing my understanding of MySQL, PHP, and HTML, I created a basic system for generating unique evaluation or feedback and rubric sheets while increasing the evaluation process. The original version I have tested for two semesters now.  These two semesters have given me a place to start in refining it to make it a phone or tablet app in the near future.  The system will be able to run on a table or using a web interface, to a server.  

Role:  Designer, programmer
Co-producer:  None
Level: Middle
Status: Draft system developed, testing with live classes for two semesters.  Rewrite planned for Summer 2014 with potential distribution Fall 2014.