According to interviews conducted on faculty-lead study abroad programs in the department has been the videos we create using the photos taken by students and faculty while on the trip.  This year we plan to replicate this effort by creating two videos, one a general overview of the 2015 trip and the other a combination of interviews and video where students answer the following questions.  
  1. After being back in the States for almost a year, what is the most memorable thing you remember from the program?
  2. A number of people state that there the cost of study abroad outweighs the benefits of a short-term faculty lead trip.  How do you react to this statement?
  3. Knowing what you know how, what is one piece of adivice you would give students who are going on the trip?
  4. You have the opportunity to talk with students who are considering the program, what would you say to them to convince them to go?
  5. The New Zealand trip is one of the most expensive progams offered by the University.  What would you tell students about this?  

Based upon the interviews, I plan to put together the following video.

  • 2015 Program Promotional Video
  • Why I should do study abroad
  • Hostel Video
  • Activity Video

Role:  Producer, Director, Videographer, and Editor
Co-producer:  None
Level: Middle
Status: Photos and video shot; script outlined; Storyboards created